canon vs nikon vs sony

Can’t decide on which camera to buy ! Don’t you ever get confused on which camera you want to buy. I am sure you have heard from several friends that you should buy this or buy that camera brand. And I am sure you have spent countless hours browsing Amazon reviews and Camera reviews sites.

My criteria for selecting camera brands :

  • What do you want to photography
  • What is your budget ?
  • What is your skill level with photography ?
  • How will you share your images.
  • Do you plan to shoot video ?
  • Do you want more control over your images
  • Do you plan to upgrade your cameras & lenses
  • Are you planning to set up a photo studio ?
  • What is your lifestyle ?

Budget Considerations :

Under $2,000

MIRRORLESS OPTION : I was recommended the Panasonic GH5 Lumix 4k Full Frame camera with 2 lenses. One prime & a 45-150mm Zoom. This camera is really light and great for low light and video.

Under $1,000

NIKON DSLR OPTION : You can get a used full frame Nikon D750 & a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and this will cover street photography, portraiture, and landscapes. A 50mm prime lens is a good way to learn basic photography. The D750 is a rugged camera and autofocus is sharp.

CANON DSLR OPTION : I enjoyed shooting with the Canon Mark 111 & a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. Canon Mark 3 is lighter than the Nikon D750. Lenses like the L Lenses are quite expensive & starts at $ 500.

Photography Skills :

Beginner :